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bc rich kerry king v




bc rich kerry king v This can be a Signature King axe for a good reason! Top end parts like a Kahler® tremolo, Grover® tuners and EMG® active pickups help deliver most of the roaring tone Kerry King is recognized for. While a Kerry inspired tribal graphic adorns the beveled edge top.

Neck-Through Construction

B.C. Rich is known as perhaps one of the pioneers in Neck Through construction. They utilize it on many of their total guitars, because it gives the most compelling sustain, resonance, comfort and ability to access higher frets. Neck-through is almost certainly considered the premium construction technique for top-of-the-range mountain bikes guitars. This construction commences with premium United states maple or Mahogany and runs that are caused by the tip of the headstock to the very end of a given guitar. Which means the headstock, fingerboard, pickups and bridge they all mounted for this single sound foundation. Sonically it is a difference you could possibly hear. The neck-through construction also allows us to reduce away even more of our bodies and neck with the neck joint that gives comfort that no bolt-on or set-neck could offer. You will see the neck through feature on several our top of this very line B.C. Rich models.


bc rich kerry king v

EMG-81 (bridge position)

bc rich kerry king v The EMG-81 is basically a high output pickup designed just for command guitarist. The 81 is at its best for prime volume overdrive and amps utilizing a master volume. Whether you’re playing power rock and roll, or overdriving your amp, there’s a razor sharp attack, and incredible sustain for brilliant soloing. If you’re looking for exceptional qualities within the rock pickup, the EMG-81 happens to be the one.

EMG-85 (neck position)

Although the EMG-85 has higher measurable output when compared to the 81, its frequency response and string interface are different. The 85 uses two Alnico magnet loaded coils utilizing a wide aperture to preserve a beefy lowend and a fatter top end. Because of a greater tone, it really works great just like a rhythm and blues pickup as it has loads of output but isn’t muddy.


bc rich kerry king v

Beveled Top notch
bc rich kerry king v The vast majority of B.C. Rich body styles employ a beveled edge around your shape. In several ways bevels throughout the top are similar to facets going on a cut stone. They catch the illumination and reflect at different angles giving the instrument even more of a 3 dimensional look. A number of the B.C. Rich top bevels are extreme and wide while others are subtle and narrow. Occasionally the design of a given instrument is accented by painting the bevels a contrasting color.



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