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ion electric guitar price

ion electric guitar price Features: This was my first electric guitar due to the fact that it was cheap and had all of the basics. It provides 2 Allen wrenches (one regarding the bridge, the opposite for the Truss rod), spare variety of steal strings, a tuner (not electric), 3guitar cable, 3 guitar picks (bright pink, mud brown along with a dark green all under 1mm thick) and an instruction booklet with some chord diagrams (most of the basics). In addition it has a 15 watt amp including: 3 EQ settings- high, mid and reduced utilizing a selection of gain and distortion/clean, 1 input you output for headphones. Apparently, it provides a custom 5woofer. The axe itself has 3 single coils with a 5-way selector. The bridge consists of a whammy bar, chrome frets, a maple timber body, a tough maple wood neck with rose wood for the fret board. The tuners are chrome Die-Cast. It only comes insunburstas well as having the single coils areiGT03Pickups. Its a Fender Strat copy, thus it need no a double locking tremolo. It posseses one volume control and two tone controls.

ion electric guitar price

ion electric guitar price Sound: The tone is pretty bright (due to the single coils), therefore it is more difficult to eliminate that brightness when using the distortion. The tones and EQ settings might be changed to become a deep bass (yet i meen deep). The amp has tons of power to its price, which is a very important thing. The clean setting according to the amp also appear to make your noise seem very sharp, which happens to be the thing i like (unusual tones). These are tones, the only coils aren’t the most beneficial at picking up harmonics. In two words, the sound would be called sharp and chunky, great if you do in fact like Franz Ferdinand.

ion electric guitar price

ion electric guitar price Action, Fit & Finish: I remember that, i already played it, the action became a bit difficult to reach, all that was easily fixed. The pick ups really had no impact when raising or lowering, to make sure that became a bit concerning, but nothing was loose or broken and the selectors weren’t dirty. Any strings however, may go out of tune by using the whammy bar.

Reliability & Durability: It comes with a 12 months guarantee in case that helps. I do not think this guitar will survive a live play, seeing as after i tried it, the strings snapped. However, if you would like to be like The Who, trashing everything onstage, obtain one of those because they are really cheap. The finish is pretty thick, yet the hardware plus the premature string aging will forestall it lasting a gig. This can be a bit more for beginners starting guitar really.



ION All-Star Guitar Electronic Guitar System for iPad 2 and 3 (30-pin)